U-MYX - Get inside the Video!

Welcome to the U-MYX Video Microsite for Moby - New York, New York. This site, bought to you by EMI and U-MYX, in partnership with Apple will allow you to submit your own videos for Moby's new track, and check out other peoples.

Site Map So, why would you want to make a video? Well... Its easier than you think. From mobile phone camera footage edited in Apple's iMovie, to professional quality movies made with software such as Final Cut Studio from Apple - All submissions are welcome. Its about ideas, not about being Spielberg... Oh, and the best video maker gets 2 flights to New York, where they will get the opportunity to chill with Moby. Yes, read that again. With Moby.

Of course, this isn't just about Video. Why not get the U-MYX version of New York New York- so you can cut your video to your own version of the song. (Moby is doing an exclusive U-MYX mix as well- you could just use his!)

When you're ready to get started, you might want to go ahead and start downloading and leaving comments for Videos created by other Moby fans.

If you feel that you are ready to share your Video with the rest of the world then you need to export your video as a Hinted QuickTime Movie which must be under 10mb in size and then go to the upload section of this site. Once you have submitted the form your Video will be available for everyone else to watch, rate and leave comments on - so be sure to check back on your Videos!

Moby will be checking in regularly to see how you're getting on and pick the eventual winner!