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Freefonix, BBC 1, 4.20 pm GMT, Friday 4th January.

2nd Jan 2008 under Releases

Site Map Early 2008 will see millions of young people in the UK wracking their brains over the big question; "Freewave or Prepsy?". Find out more by tuning into BBC 1 at... [more]

User Statistics- Time is on our side?

23rd Nov 2007 under Releases, 1 comment.

We're getting some positive statistics back from U-MYX user sessions. Week commencing 12th November- the average U-MYX users session was over 34 minutes, with 69% usi... [more]

Video- Travis from Gym Class Heroes- "U-MYX, its a beautiful thing"

15th Nov 2007 under Releases

We love you too Travis. He's back for more with a challenge for you all... See what Travis is talking about Here (Clothes Off!) And here (Shoot down th... [more]